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August 18, 2017
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Message to the members
Updated On: Aug 16, 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

 I write this article to you with great concern. We have former officers of this local posting false information on social media in reference to active grievances of this local. This is a dis-service to the membership and the employees specifically listed were purposedly mis-lead. I apologize to those PSE members mis-lead, by this false information posted.

 Grievance #22317MB1 was filed on behalf of a group of PSEs. That grievance was iniated in February 2017. That grievance was sent to step 2 of the grievance process on March 7,2017. That grievance is currently still at step 2 of the process.  I took office on May 20, 2017. I decertified steward Melissa Baldwin on May 24, 2017, in the letter I requested all keys and property of the local be brought to the office, which would include all open cases. I did not recieve this case from Melissa.

  On June 16, 2017 steward Kevin Rowe sent an e-mail to labor relations stating that Melissa gave him a file concerning the PSE grievance the two of them discussed and has the proposed settlement amount been approved. The labor representative replied to Kevin but CC myself due to him being aware that I was now president and he was wondering how could Melissa instruct Kevin on the matter. That's when I became aware of this open case. The labor representative response was no, most definitely not at the amount she was trying to get, and that labor was looking at half that amount, if not we would have to send the case to arbitration. The grievance is still not settled at this present time, and the agreed upon amount if settled at step 2 is currently being discussed.

  So I am greatly concerned because the names and amounts were not agreed upon amounts and the grievance is not settled. This is purposely mis-informing the membership through the social media. Due to the volume of calls and visits by the mentioned PSEs, I decidedly to reply immediately on the web site. Attached is copies of the email between Kevin Rowe and Labor and also a copy of the decertification letter to Melissa. Again I apologize to the involved members that a former representative of this local would do such a thing.

   Our work and jobs are being attacked in a manner never before experienced by this Union, and we need to unite as one, and with other Unions and the communities to support us in our fight with attacks on us, through proposed bills in congress. We don't have the time for this in house mis-information and fighting. If you have any concern please contact the local and not run with information off of blogs from social media as you can see how mis-leading that can be.


Anthony Wilson

General President

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